Sunday, September 13, 2015

Post #7:
September 5 through 11

The GOP: In terms of the leaders, the news is the Ben Carson surge. Ted Cruz is flirting with getting above the None of the Above numbers, but his support is not rising as much as None of the Above is falling.

But the real news is that someone finally admitted the reality of a hopeless situation and dropped out of the race. Rick Perry and his Wonder Glasses are no longer to be mocked. I found a website that lists campaign contributions and spending, and Perry's numbers were about a million raised and less than half of that spent. (Where does the rest of that go? A weekend in Vegas?) Compare that to Jim Gilmore, who has spent $5,000 and hasn't raised as much money as I spend on a trip to the grocery store. I am completely mystified by his campaign. George Pataki is getting the same level of support in polls - averaging a steady 0.0% - but at least he's raised a quarter of a million and has most of it still on hand.
The Dems: Some of the press is latching on to the "Oooh, Hillary's in trouble!" theme, and I'll admit her numbers look like a slow leak. The numbers I'm not showing are Biden's, and I won't show him until he declares. Other than that, nothing really looks like a trend.

Back with more next week.

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