Sunday, August 30, 2015

Post #5:
Week of August 22 to 28

 GOP: For people watching way too carefully, you may notice that sometimes the numbers from the previous polls have changed a little. This happens because new polls arrive after my Sunday deadline that have to be added to the previous week. The changes tend to be small, and you can assume the most recent graph has the most recent data.

Here is the complete non-surprise. GOP primary voters are falling in love with Donald Trump more and more. Does it matter to them that he can't quote a bible verse? Fuck to the no. He hates who they hate, so he has to be good people.

Here is the even worse news for JeBush Bush. He is now in third behind Ben Carson,  King of the Jews, who saw fit to call the standing president an anti-Semite. Carly Fiorina is not rising in the polls, but with her numbers right now that non-politicians and None of the Above have 55% of the vote and all politicians combined have 45%. All the GOP House and Senate have been able to do is thwart Obama and the GOP base thinks they should be able to do more, probably through some Jesus magic since they can't override a veto. There were times early in the process when Mitt Romney flirted with going below None of the Above back in 2011, but being I have no data of him being in third place ever.

A popular left wing joke is that maybe George W. Bush was the smart one after all as we watch JeBush Bush make unforced errors one after the other. A slightly different hypothesis is that GWB actually liked the work of politics, meeting people and hearing what they want, doing his best to sell them on what he wanted to do. JeBush Bush looks miserable. I haven't seen anyone in the spotlight show less passion and more irritation since Fred Dalton Thompson, and that guy looked like he needed hourly enemas.

The leader under the None of the Above threshold is Ted Cruz, but right now his numbers look like they are just wobbling around. If someone gets above NOTA, I'll show them. If someone slips below NOTA, I'll show them in dotted lines for a few weeks, but if they can't pull out of the nose dive, they will vanish

Dems: Unlike with Trump's numbers, I wouldn't make much of the trends we seem to see in the Democratic nomination information. A lot less pollsters are asking, so the changes we see from week to week are more likely to be the standard random wobble polls are supposed to show. The story is about the same as it has been for awhile now. Clinton's lead is at least 2 to 1 nationally and the only Democrat other than Bernie Sanders who is even close to as popular as None of the Above is the undeclared Joe Biden.

I'll be back next Sunday.

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  1. I can't tell you how much it pleases me to NOT read Turdwaffle Walker's name in this post....